Bitches, Please!(Repost From LJ)

* I hardly ever post anything from my LJ onto my actual blog, but this time...i just had to do it. I am sick of kissing everyone's ass, wether it be online or off. ** i May 04 2010 @ 1240 pm i'm telling you i am about to loose my mind. I never write here anymore, and i keep saying i'm gonna and all this and that, but honestly i am thinking i should write here more, because i don't have all the snide bitchy comments here that i would get if i wrote things on my blog. and its funny because the people that leave these comments, well damn, go read their shit, and see if they don't have their own stupid issues, and they want to run their mouth on me? ... some of them have even done the same things as me, and they wanna act like just because they did it and did it first they are so much better anyways like i'm saying i dont know when people online got so damn judgemental and holier than freaking thou. my livejournal friends/ people from back in the day were....understanding i … [Read more...]

From MY heart (and even though its broken, I still have one)

I *honestly* don't know wtf to write. nothing is going right for me right now. yesterday I pretty much told david i'm about to be out the freaking door, because I am just so sick of everything. now he's on this kick where he's so nice you can just tell its fake , and i think that is more annoying than the way he usually is. I have tried to tell my parents, and all they will tell me is I know where home is/they love me no matter what blah blah blah. which is great to know they love me and support me. but let me tell you I am 26 years old and i'd just as soon take the torture i'm taking than to move back in with them. They also tried to convince me to leave and go to virginia to my grandparents for a while. i'm like ok wtf is that really gonna accomplish? yes it will seperate me from the sittuation, which might be a good thing, but the aggravation of me being there is gonna make it worse. I can't really stay up there more than a day with out totally going off my rocker. its so … [Read more...]

Eden Fantasies Review #1!!

This Is A Review Of A Sex Toy! if it would offend you to read a sex toy review, please don't read any further :) Thanks to Jenn I was able to get a job from Eden Fantasies,  as a reviewer for their sex toys and other  types of sexual type products. The first product I chose to review was the Bendable Touch vibrator which is made by Evolved Novelty. This vibrator struck my interests from the begining, because of its bendable qualities! I hadn't really ever educated myself in the world of vibrators other than a few i had seen in spencers, and the very few in my collection, but i hadn't really ever saw any that were bendy before! I was also interested because it was a rabbit vibrator, and i had been interested in purchasing one. I generally go for small vibrators, and generally I don't go for the kind that go inside of you because, i honestly can't get them to ever go the way i want them, plus I need clitorial stimulation. Since the bendable touch has a vibrator going on … [Read more...]

I used to sleep..oh wait,no i didn’t

I woke up at 1:30 this morning and was awake till around 4ish...slept sometime between then and 5:30 then from then on i was never asleep! the sad part was i didn't go to be till after 11 and i know it was after midnight before i was ever asleep! so BLAH WTF SLEEP? I took a nap around 2:30 ...about the time i got to sleep my mom called. i get back to sleep again and david came home. i slept till about 5:30 and got up...i never had a deep sleep it was just like surface sleep so it really didn't help. now its 9:30 and i'm wide yah? this is ridicoulous I just put in a disk of friends and started my nightly routine of friends,bath,internet,wine...etc... i prob won't be doing the wine tonight, because i realized i haven't ate ANYTHING today..and we really don't have anything to eat. i'm so queezy i don't want anything anyways.blah you know i think my sleep issues go back from when i was at app. I used to have some FUNKY sleeping back in those days. get up at around 6..get … [Read more...]

sometimes it shouldn’t be “Poke”

Sometimes it shouldn't be POKE on facebook. it should be knock the person the hell out. lol. I had a very nice chat with Angel last night!! I hadn't talked to her or anyone for that matter on AIM since ...probably before we moved back in january. and apparently i shouldn't be allowed to do math..ever. jason was 22 when i was 20, *sigh* lol yesterday david didn't get home right away from work..he's usually here around 3:45 and it was closer to 4:30. i think he'd been to walmart or something. he ate dinner, watched days of our lives with me and went to bed! So i was a little..bored and lonley and whatnot.i really didn't do to awful much...watched friends..played around online. around 11 I started drinking wine, drank 4 glasses and went to bed a little after midnight. and I SLEPT THROUGH TILL 6!!! I think i should have prob stayed up but oh well!! I simply told david he should drop off the t-mobile phone in the UPS dropbox (theres one less than 5 min from his work) so he … [Read more...]

thanks for helping me grow up!

*if you leave some bitchy ass comment on this post just because it's about jason belive me i know where the hell delete is , of course most of you have realized by now he is my best friend and i'm glad that he still wants to be a part of my life, so i shouldn't have to worry* I can remember being 20 when i first started talking to J. I didn't know how to do SHIT for myself. he was 21 and had already been out on his own and this that and the other. i was so innocent it was scary. seriously you may not know i had never been kissed or anything else till the summer i turned 20! I went on my first date when i was on the cusp of being 20 (i was about 2 weeks out from my 20th birthday) When i got into appalachian it was a running joke with me and J about how the hell i'd ever survive without having someone to do my shit for me.i was not only lazy and had no clue about like anything, i was spoiled to freaking death. i used to get up to get ready for school and my mom was still doing … [Read more...]