Accent Studios Decal Review


I recently had the chance to review a wall decal from Accent Studios, and I was really excited, because I have always wanted one! There were so many to choose from!I thought that it would make a nice addition to our living room, especially in the little area where my wedding picture & family picture collages are! I underestimated how much space I had in that area though, lol. Also, With the way that we are uncertain about david's job and the possibility of having to move (you can't ever be too sure!) I didn't want to do it as a permanent addition to the walls (Plus, i'm sure in the long run my rent lady will appreciate that if we ever had to move) For me, I just didn't want to loose the decal! I picked out this monogram decal. Originally I had even thought about getting one with my mom & dad's name and year on it, because everytime I mentioned a decal to david he just blankly stared at me. Finally, he paid attention and was like ooh that's kinda cool lol. As you can … [Read more...]

I want in the Madden 2012 Bzz Campaign!


So usually when I get something to review,or promote..It's generally all about ME! It's usually girly things, or stuff for my computer, cards, business cards, and all that jazz. I never really get anything "Guy" so that David can benefit from and/or be proud of! I am trying to remedy this by making this post about Why I'd like to get into the Madden 2012 Bzz Campaign! That right there is the number 1 reason! I would like to for once time get something for HIM! I feel so selfish with all the awesome opps that I have scored, and I would like to share the experience with him!  I would like to get HIS feedback to share with everyone, along with my own. I think It would be fun to get to share from both our points of view. Of course I have twitter/fb/family to share all this with as well. Madden is David's FAVORITE game.. and No matter what console we have happened to have, he's always bought that game at least ONCE durring the course of having it, if not more than once. I know right … [Read more...]

Flipflop Wines: Moscato


I thought today would be the perfect day to conclude my reviews of flipflop wines! I am at flavor #7 the Flipflop Moscato! And of course, today is Moscato Monday! If you check out their facebook page, I’m sure they will mention it !Als0, if you happen to go by facebook, check out who’s picture is on there! (Hint, he’s orange and furry, and totally my furr baby!)(make sure you’re on the wall page, he should be the 2nd picture posted on the actual wall posts) To refresh your memories, flipflop wines come in 7 scrumptious varieties * Flipflop Chardonnay * Flipflop Riesling * Flipflop Pinot Grigio * Flipflop Moscato * Flipflop Cabernet Sauvignon * Flipflop Merlot * Flipflop Pinot Noir Flipflop wines partners with soles4souls which is totally awesome in my opinion! They provide shoes for those people in need of, well shoes!  It is amazing how having something as simple as shoes can prevent so many different diseases. I didn’t even think about how shoes are usually … [Read more...]

I rock with the fall pics! :)

I am sorry if Autumn-Rain displayed a little bit wonky sometime another yesterday evening! My hostess changed which of her domains she hosted the site on, and with Autumn-Rain it was a little bit fun, because autumn-rain used to be it was a bit complicated but we got it all worked out! If you see something you think might be wrong feel free to let me know, and I will look into it! I think all the pictures and everything are back up now as well :) Let me just say I love Nicole (My hostess) and i'm glad we got it all fixed up now :) Yesterday was an odd day for me because I was barely home all day! I dropped david off, came home watched tv/went to sleep. got up about came over and we went to harris teeter, dollar tree, KFC walgreens,goodwill and to get her concealed to carry permit renewed.. I think we got back to my place sometime another after 3, then we proceeded to decorate my yard for fall :) here are some pics! I don't know … [Read more...]

I need some nighties!

When  david and I first got married, my mom got me some really cute nightgowns and I used to wear them all the time. I even got some really cute vintage ones that someone donated to my grandma's thrift shop ! In the state of virginia they can't sale those, along with a few other items. they even came with matching undies! ( Honestly, I know it might gross people out that I would wear undies that were "used*but they were in Excellent stains or anything and so wash wash away! lol) I have also picked up a few at thrift shops over time, but I have got to wear I don't wear them around anymore.. maybe just for a little bit and then..change into a t-shirt or something. As far as NEW lingerie I have only bought ONE brand new set and it came from kohls... Right now i'm in the market for some new goodies, and of course I want to check into getting some so i'm hunting at EdenFantasys! I got an email not that very long ago that they had some new goodies in! I hate choosing … [Read more...]