Bloggy Bootcamp is THIS WEEK ACK.

Phew. It seems like this week, and even this day is flying by! I wanted to have a review finished for grits-reviews by 12 and it's already 12:20 lol. Meh. Maye I can pull it together at some point today. I know that at 2 I have trash can blogger radio...I probably won't get a nap today unless it is a late one. I had the most restless night of sleep EVER ..not only was I restless, I had dreams about being restless. I mean what gives lol. About the time it is time for me to get up this morning was when I was actually sleeping the best. You know, me and my sleeping issues. I am also having all of these crazy dreams that I forget my blogger cards when I get to bloggy bootcamp. Which really freaks me out because that is basically the only thing I AM taking! There are a few things that I have GOT to get done this week and with my energy level I don't know how I am going to get them done... I want to go up to the bar tomorrow night even though I don't really have any money to … [Read more...]

Essential Makeup Brushes That Every Cosmetic Artist Uses


This is a sponsored guest post Ever wonder how make-up artists are able to make model’s skin look absolutely perfect?  Every stylist knows that cosmetic brushes are an essential item when it comes to applying facial products.  Investing in quality brushes that are made from high grade fibers is crucial in creating a flawless finish.  You can create a smooth finish by adding these cosmetic brushes to your daily routine. Foundation Brush The bristles of the foundation brush are tightly packed, allowing you to achieve a flawless finish.  They often have a tapered tip to make liquid application easier.  First, dampen the brush in warm water and squeeze out the excess.  This will enable you to distribute the foundation evenly.  You can also use a wedge sponge to blend any strokes you have along the way.  The result is an almost airbrushed quality that looks amazing. Concealer Brush This flat, soft bristled brush has a pointed tip and a wider base.  Simply load the brush with … [Read more...]

[Review]conscious box


I really like the idea of subscription boxes. I like the thrill of getting packages, and I like the element of the surprise of what is going to be inside of it! So when I was asked to review one in exchange for my honest opinion from conscious box, I was more than happy to say “sure”. I had been a subscriber of a box last year that I really enjoyed getting but they were very sporadic about sending them (supposed to be monthly, but more like every 2 months) Then, they totally switched everything up and made it be like a lottery so that more people could experience them, so that totally threw me off. I have been looking into a replacement option for quite some time but hadn’t really came up with anything. However, I might have found what I was looking for with this box. So what is conscious box exactly? It is a subscription box service of goodies that are natural,pure and healthy and come from ethical companies. Normally, that wouldn’t sound like my cup of tea, I’ll be the first to … [Read more...]

Car Update Part 2

*waves* well, it's almost 7 p/m and I am STILL waiting on David to get home! He was supposed to just switch the battery out for an alternator, put the alternator on and then be on his way. Doesn't that sound simple enough? Well, it is those simple jobs that always turn into hours! I had to call and have my dad meet him at the auto parts store and that was well over an hour ago! I had told him he might should go over to my parents to get this squared away, and that I would just go home with my mom in case it took a while, that way I would know what was going on and wouldn't be lonely and stuff (he doesn't have his phone with him!) But.. no... a simple 15 minute job has turned into a 2 hour one at this point! Well, I actually just received a phone call.. our alternator AND battery are's an electrical issue!! I swear we always be having an electrical issue on that darn car. This is at least the 2nd one. They took the car to my parents and they are working on it. ... It … [Read more...]

heart attack & brisk that order…

I had a mini heart attack this morning! (Not FOR REAL but you know what I am saying) David had left for work, I had gotten up to make sure he locked the door because I didn't hear him do it (he did). Then I went to the bathroom and laid back down in the bed and played around on my phone for a little bit. Sam wasn't in bed he was roaming the house. Next thing I know I hear noises at my door, sounding like someone coming in the house! I was like ???? and thought I was just hearing things, or that sam was playing downstairs around the door. Next thing I know I heard it again. I finally just screamed out WHO THE HECK IS DOWN THERE AND WHAT DO YOU WANT? It was David , who had to walk home because our car broke down basically 5 minutes from the house. He couldn't tap on the battery and crank the car at the same time (we thought it was the starter again) So, needless to say I had to walk back up there with him (This is at like 630 a/m) and he had to call into work and everything. We … [Read more...]