The Pasta Shoppe Review & Giveaway


REVIEW When it comes to making food, I like things that are hearty & filling and can generally be bought for a pretty decent price! So I guess it isn't any wonder that Pasta fits that bill! I am also considered a picky eater (don't get me started, I have a ton of food allergies, foods I don't eat for religious reasons, and then things I just don't like!) I think David and I have some sort of pasta at least 3 times a week if not more!                                                                        Image Via The Pasta Shoppe So when The Pasta Shoppe wanted to work on me on doing a review of their pasta, I was VERY interested! They offered to send me "a box of goodies" and they weren't lying either. When I got the package my mom was over for a visit and I had to totally ward her off because I thought she was going to hop into her car with my pasta! She gets as excited as I do about my reviews. It is really cute :) I received 9 awesome goodies which included:Cat Shaped … [Read more...]

Keurig Brew Over Ice Goodies Review & Giveaway!#LoveBrewOverIce


A couple of years back we bought a Keurig for Christmas,and my mom has gotten us a ton of k-cups over the years as well!   We decided after I went to bloggy bootcamp to upgrade to one of the ones that has brew over ice capabilities. We were just so impressed with the flavors that were available! There are iced coffee, various teas, and even Snapple options to name a few! I actually uses the make your own K-cup a lot and do regular iced tea!  I don't really know who was more excited, David or myself. I think maybe me, because I stay so HOT since it's the south in the summer and I am always trying to drink more tea/juices instead of soda! I know that right now as  write this post it is 106 and the sun isn't even hardly out! I also have enjoyed how simple it is to make an individual cup of an over ice beverage!  It is basically a 3 step process, so easy that a child, or even a Nichole can do it! 1.fill a 16 oz cup to the top with ice (you can actually use a smaller one, but 16 … [Read more...]