I think I found a theme :)

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Hey Everyone Well.. I think I have found the WP theme I was looking for! I found a few and I found one I REALLY liked but the price was just too much- and then one was darn perfect but it was for a blogger site instead of wp so... I just haven't bought the bullet and bought the one yet because I am worried that with my limited back end abilities that I might not be able to make it look the way that I have it in my head! Though they do say they have really detailed instructions and such so.. I guess we'll see.. It might end up being a weekend activity for me to do that and clean up things a bit! I have never actually bought a theme before and my header image was made for me as well so...It is a bit eek to buy one- especially that now I really don't have anyone to help me out if something goes crazy. Don't worry I was also scared when I bought a domain and when I eventually went on my own hosting wise lol and that all turned out! Today I kinda sorta felt like getting into a few … [Read more...]

The Top Doggy Health Fears This Summer (& How To Avoid Them)


Image   Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but the hard work is not over. Yep, just because you have gotten past the new puppy stage doesn’t mean you are in the clear. In fact, the toil is only just beginning because now it is summer and pooches have whole different problems. Obviously, this is a concern for owners like you because you want your dog to be in the best possible health. Thankfully, the good news is that your dog’s health doesn’t have to be an issue if you know how to tackle problems. First, though, you need to know what they are.   Heat Exhaustion   In summer, the weather is bound to be hot. But, unlike their owners, dogs can’t just take off their fur and cool down. For canines, overheating is a real problem that they face on a daily basis as they aren’t great at regulating body temperature. Of course, you can leave them to lounge around and do nothing all day, but they still need exercise. The trick is to take them out in the coolest … [Read more...]

Just want to mix it up

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Hey Everyone I am in one of those overhaul the site modes- though I can't find a theme anywhere that I like.. Go figure ...I might just switch back to my old one and be done of it but I figured if I had a new theme I might be more inspired. I don't mind my header and colors but the rest? Yeah... lol Oh and I miss my icons and I really don't feel like coding those up again but.. well we will see! I am at the point I actually wouldn't mind maybe buying one to use like FOREVER lol. Eh...I really don't mind the old one so much but still.. something fresh is always fun and exciting! I also want new blogger cards- I want to put a QR code for my Ibotta on them so I can hand them out when I tell people about Ibotta like in walmart and stuff lol. Oh yeah// if I can get all this stuff refreshed who knows I might start feeling more ME again! I don't know why I have had the blog blahs for so long but they just are NOT really going away.. but I keep trying because somedays I really do have … [Read more...]

Monday Again?

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Hey Everyone :) Well... Here we are at Monday again!  The weekend was pretty relaxed as usual, but you all know I am fine with that so.. Mostly David watching Racing all day on Saturday and then yesterday morning I woke up at around 6 a.m with the dry heaves which REALLY sucked. I don't know WHY either because I hadn't ate or drank anything that I could think of that would have caused it, but you just never know either- I bet anything it had to do with the heat!  Not to be TMI but when I get sick like that lately it is so violent and draining it takes me most of the day to get over it ... I had to run to walmart of course for a few things late in the evening and then I watched some tv and cuddled up really early last night. I hadn't really got up this morning and David came back home and scared me because I didn't expect him. I didn't know he had went to the DR  this morning- he has been having some triglyceride issues but we think they are way better under control now than what … [Read more...]

a quick power nap would be great

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Hey Everyone Well here it is Friday,and the week has flew by! It is actually time for David to be home right now as it is after 4 and they get off early on Friday- I think last Friday though he had to stay late so I guess we'll see.. he hasn't messaged me at all today so I figure he is pretty busy. I went out and about with my mom this morning for a quick Aldi trip and a quick Food lion trip. I forgot to get a few things as usual ha ha...only person in the world that makes a list and then forgets to add things on it I guess!  No worries- nothing important and I know that I will be out and about at least once because I will have to go out to walmart to get some tea so.. yup. I have honey garlic chicken in the crock pot right now- I am not that hungry and could have just made something less filling I guess but it will be good and it will save for another time so it all works out. I woke up the other night and my ear was itching - like right under my earlobe in that soft spot. … [Read more...]

a fun time was had by all :)

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Hey Everyone Well.. boy was that a long weekend- ha ha.. but in a good way!  Let me see if I can give you a recap... the days kind of blur together a bit though! Friday: I know my mom came by late in the afternoon and brought me my toy box from when I was a child. I wanted it because she was going to put it in the yard sale because she didn't really need it at her house anymore, and I figured that I could use it in my closet for purses. She spent about an hour over here because she was meeting someone to sell some berries to, and they were running late so that was pretty cool. I know there was a race that night and they got a few laps in and then a rain delay and then cancelled. I was cuddled in bed with Mars watching my story so that was fun :) Kind of my new/old relaxy thing in the evening :) Saturday: This was the day with ALL THE RACING lol. They ran both and David watched both and I watched with him but it about drove me crazy for some reason. I think because of all … [Read more...]