well the BAH humbugs are here!


Hey Everyone I am going to straight up tell you all I have the Major MAJOR BAH HUMBUGS and that is part of the reason I didn't update yesterday! I was pretty busy with the end of last week and then the weekend was kind of busy as well so.. yeah. I really don't want to get into the BAH HUMBUG reasons- lets just chalk it up as Holidays and leave it at that! I'm going to try to push through and get a few random things done today if at all possible. David had to go into work Early today so it has me all kinds of threw off. That and I don't have minutes on my phone right now so I am having to either keep his phone or use facebook messenger/calls and yeah.. thats fun lol. If you didn't know facebook messenger is like one of my biggest pet peeves. I don't mind it for quick conversation but in general I detest it! I know that my mom is supposed to stop by to pick up some stuff I had for bingo for christmas and a few of her canning jars/random items after she cuts this chicks hair that … [Read more...]

I won! that never happens!


Hey Everyone I am sitting here in bed with Marley watching my story (AW/Another World if you didn't already know lol) and I am in Sept 1981. David is playing a game in the living room and I thought that I better write a quick blog post while it was still on my mind, and I still had a chance today! I actually just Won a contest just a few minutes ago on Facebook for Despicable me 3 !! I was SO excited. I never win stuff, and you all know how I am about Minions lol so I was just as excited as can be! I just happened by the giveaway by chance and thought someone else already won! I am also excited that Friday is the Quarry(David and Dads Work) Christmas Party! I am looking forward to STEAK - other than cube steak I haven't had an actual steak in goodness knows when. They also have an amazing salad bar at the place that we go to so YAY. I have only 2 more reviews to write for Gift Guide so we can call that almost done. I want it done by Friday or at least by Monday ha ha :) I … [Read more...]

So we got a pallet (or well, my mom did)


Hey Everyone Well.. now I admit I did not get anything online or in my house done this weekend , but I still feel accomplished. Let me explain ha ha. Saturday David and I were trying to decide what to get for lunch and hadn't figured out what we wanted yet (plus  really didn't want to spend any money either of course) So of all random things my mom called and wanted us to come eat a late lunch/early dinner and we were like sure o.k- even though it was pouring snow it wasn't really sticking) Well David had found this place in S.C  that had pallets of different things for sale from various stores and what not and he had got very interested in getting one since one of my moms brothers had gotten one. Anyways my dad had been interested as well for quite a while and after we ate we all ended up going to go check this place out! Well My dad was interested in tools, david was hopeful for either just a random walmart pallet or a microwave pallet and my mom and I were kinda just … [Read more...]

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I’m totally restless…


Hey Everyone Well last night I was so wound up + we had took a nap for an hour after David came home I couldn't hardly ever get any sleep! Now it is hardly even 7 and I am sitting here on the macbook in bed and Sam is at the foot of the bed asleep and Marly is beside me like girl, please lay back down it is early don't you know? I am kind of worried about the weather a little bit and I really need some things at the store like soda/tea and I would like to get a jar of pickles and a bag of chips. I am almost tempted to see if my mom could take me to get them at wamart because I didn't send David with my card and I am worried that the weather might start turning before he gets home/we can get out this evening . I Might see if he could come home at lunch to get the card and just tell him what to get but i'm not sure if that would work either! We have a little bit of tea and a ton of water so I guess if we had to wait till tomorrow it would be o.k but I think all the weather is … [Read more...]

Oh WOW what an accomplished day!


Hey Everyone I have been SO SO SO Busy today both online and in the house. I wrote 4 total reviews- just finished the one about 30 minutes or so ago actually.. I got the main gift guide page updated and actually added 2 logos and got one of the images that I couldn't get to link before to link (so I guess there is hope for the other one) Now I pretty much already have 1 more review to write unless the one that I wasn't sure about ends up coming and . that will be o.k. I actually already started working on the one and it shouldn't be too awful hard to finish- and if I wasn't wore out and so darn jittery i'd probably finish it tonight! I actually ended up having a caffeine crash from drinking too much coffee so I was finishing a review up when David came home and he had ate a quarter of a chicken today so he didn't want dinner so I ended up laying down for about an hour to get rid of the jitters. it worked out pretty well and since then I did the other 2 reviews. Then.. I got the … [Read more...]