Spotting Something Off In Your Dog

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(Image Source) It’s easy to tell when something is making your dog feel uncomfortable or putting them in a bad mood. They will show you in the way that they carry their body, with the noises they make, and with their face, giving you loads of ways to tell whether or not your dog is happy. Of course, though, it isn’t always as simple as figuring out how they feel, as you may also have to determine why they are feeling it. To help you out with this, this post will be exploring the art of assessing canine emotion. With this in mind, it should be a lot easier to start making your dog happier in everyday life.     Identification   Figuring out what might be causing your dog’s mood will take a couple of different steps. To begin, you will need to determine the nature of the emotion being felt, and whether or not it is a negative one. Thankfully, your dog will make this very obvious, giving strong body signals when they aren’t feeling good. To help you out … [Read more...]

I always say my new year starts in Feb!


Hey Everyone Well, Thankfully I have made it through this day! It was just a really weird day for me- I have been VERY emotional and having a lot of anxiety /panic attack sort of thing going on as well so.. it was pretty rough going for a while there. I am so glad that I had Marley and Sam at least ,because at least I wasn't totally alone you know? I am trying to do better with some things- like trying to feel better , be more peaceful,etc. I don't really want to get into a lot of details on some of the things that I am trying to work on but that is a overall . I just haven't been feeling very great in a lot of ways in a while. I know a lot of it will be better once the time changes (March 11 if you were curious) Because I will be back on a better schedule with things + I do better in the spring/summer. I mean in the long run nothing really BAD is going on or happening but I just need to feel more purposeful as well. That was part of my whole word of the year thing- … [Read more...]

a case of mondays with Anxiety action


Hey Everyone well.. the weekend came , the weekend went lol. It wasn't long enough- I can tell you that much! I ended up going with David when he went to go to his dads and we went out to eat and all of that and we were pretty much there most of the day so Saturday was a bust. Then yesterday everything was just MEH. First of all David slid in the floor, then I did the same thing (I swear its bad when the floor is that clean lol) then Marley tumbled down the stairs outside. Then David went to put the coins in the coin thing at Walmart and it was out of order and they wouldn't buy the change so he had to go to HT to use their coin thing. Sometime in the middle of all of that he dropped his phone, but thankfully it didn't break or anything- also yesterday was really gray and rainy so.. yeah it was just an interesting day lol. Today I kind of have a case of the Mondays + for some reason I have been having a lot of anxiety since David went to work and I really wish I had someone … [Read more...]

its been a week and a half already , and its just wed!


Hey Everyone Phew. This week is already just been.. A week lol and it is only Wed! I believe that I did last write a regular rambly post on Friday and that was the day I went out to harris teeter/cvs/habitat with my mom and then I did a million things after I got back. The weekend was pretty low key- I know that on Saturday we ate at Showmars and other than that it is a blur!  We were going to go over to my moms on Sunday but she wasn't feeling well so we ended up staying home. I know we all (except my dad) fought that funky cold right left and sideways last week and thankfully it never got too awful bad and only lingered a few days! Monday was a typical Monday and I actually spent the day reading a little bit- I actually if you didn't know read books like REALLY fast and I actually had to make myself stop so I didn't finish a ton of them in one day lol. Trying to save some for later on- like today you know? Yesterday my mom and I went out and about to Harris Teeter again. … [Read more...]

These 8 Clothes Buying Tips Will Fetch You Big Savings


Did you know that American clothing shoppers spend around $150 a month, or up to $1800 a year on clothing and accessories? Despite that, the value of saving is only increasing by the day. People love to save and are always hunting to find new ways to save on shopping. That’s because buying new clothes can be an expensive affair and often costs a lot. So, you are looking to buy clothes while keeping the costs down, but how? It is all about squeezing cloth buying into your budget, but the tricky part is that people often lack the budget to buy trendy, latest clothes. Here are some tips that’ll help you make big savings while shopping: 1.Buy Clothes Like Groceries Are you into a habit of choosing to buy clothes on the spot? It is time for a change. The next time you visit a retailer or look to buy online, try buying it like groceries. Only buy clothes that you need and skip all others no matter how much you like them. Make a list of must buy clothes and say no to those that you saw … [Read more...]

Stop Walkies Becoming Waterworks When You Take Your Dog Out


Walking your dog is a vital part of their life, offering them the exercise they need, a chance to bond, and even some training on the go. However, to say that it’s always peachy and without issue would be something of an exaggeration. From owner boredom to poor walking practice to behavioral issues, the daily walks can become a daily stress for some owners. Here are a few ways to make it as physically, mentally, and emotionally joyful as possible. Picture Source Know how much they need It’s a very common mistake of new owners, but it can become a bad habit in busy doggy parents looking to take a shortcut, as well. The walk you take your dog on is the most exercise they get a day and if they don’t get it, it can be problematic for everyone involved. That pent-up energy can manifest in wildly uncontrollable behavior and even aggression. From running circles around the home in the evenings and chewing up furniture to even being more prone to biting. If you want to raise a … [Read more...]