a fun time was had by all :)

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Hey Everyone Well.. boy was that a long weekend- ha ha.. but in a good way!  Let me see if I can give you a recap... the days kind of blur together a bit though! Friday: I know my mom came by late in the afternoon and brought me my toy box from when I was a child. I wanted it because she was going to put it in the yard sale because she didn't really need it at her house anymore, and I figured that I could use it in my closet for purses. She spent about an hour over here because she was meeting someone to sell some berries to, and they were running late so that was pretty cool. I know there was a race that night and they got a few laps in and then a rain delay and then cancelled. I was cuddled in bed with Mars watching my story so that was fun :) Kind of my new/old relaxy thing in the evening :) Saturday: This was the day with ALL THE RACING lol. They ran both and David watched both and I watched with him but it about drove me crazy for some reason. I think because of all … [Read more...]

Puppy Problems: The Most Common Issues New Dog Owners Face


Before you bring a new puppy home, you take the time to think carefully about every aspect of pet ownership, to ensure that you are ready for the responsibility that comes with owning a pet. While you can prepare for bringing a puppy home, there are some issues that you can’t always plan for, such as problems settling your pup into your family home. You may not think there will be issues, but puppies are full of surprises. Understandably, it can take time for a new puppy to settle in and get to grips with their new lifestyle. The adjustment from being with their mother and siblings to living alone with you can be hard for some puppies, which is why there can sometimes be issues when a puppy first arrives in their new home. To ensure that you know how to deal with all the most common problems that new dog owners face, below is a guide to all the most successful methods of dealing with these issues. Photo source Whining and crying A lot of puppies will whine and cry … [Read more...]

The Most Important Things to Consider When Purchasing New Things for Your Pets


It’s normal to want to buy things for your pets. You want to keep them active, encourage them to use their minds and just make them happy. That’s what being a pet owner is all about, after all. But you can get your approach wrong if you don’t think carefully about the things that you buy. You don’t want to throw money away on a purchase that you’re going to either not get much use out of or have to throw away soon.   There are some criterion you should always use to analyse whether or not a certain product is a good purchase or not. If all of these boxes are ticked, it could be worth handing your money over and making the purchase. Read on now to learn more about these important things and why you should consider them.   Safety   Safety matters a lot when you are thinking about what to buy for your pets. You don’t want the product to break and cause damage. It’s important that there are no small parts that can be broken off and consumed. There are so … [Read more...]

Oh what A week :)

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Hey Everyone! Well let's see what has been going on in my world- Did i mention David broke my toaster the other night? I think it was Monday - either he dropped it (he's got a knack for that) or he went to whack it to get the crumbs out or something... I don't know I really never got a full explanation lol. I was sitting here at the computer and he's like oops. and I am like oh god what and there was a big chunk out of it. The funny thing was my mom was just talking to us the other day that she had her toaster since she got married and of course that was a looong time ago and I had my toaster since we got married and yeah. I even had let Davids dad an bro borrow it at one point when my mom had got a ton of toaster strudels and we were sick to death of them and we gave them to them lol. I figured if it was gonna have something happen to it it would have happened then lol. Well after the fact I was talking the other night that I hate that we always have small kitchens and have … [Read more...]

pll ending sucked. I won’t go into it but just believe me it did…

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Hey Everyone Well that awesome mood I was in yesterday? boy that sure didn't follow through into today lol. I don't know - I think the finale of PLL just really threw me for a loop - it was such utter BS CRAP and made NO SENSE WHAT SO EVER UGH...and for some reason when I woke up today I just have not had a good spirit about me but I am trying! I blame it on the girly stuff and move on! Thankfully that is about over with for this go round anyways :) When I was over at my moms Friday she was offering me my old toy chest and I was wanting it but didn't know what I would do with it or where to put it. When I came home I got to thinking about it and I was like well I could clean out some tubs /baskets of purses in my closet and sit it under the right side closet shelf area. Of course she has now decided my dad needs to reinforce the bottom of it so.. I don't know when I will ever get it over here lol I wish she would go ahead and bring it because it would really give me something to … [Read more...]

really super good mood today!

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hey everyone well.. I managed to go all weekend and through the entire blog a thon without writing again lol. I do tend to do better at the winter one so.. yeah. Friday I had to get my hair done before I pulled it all out. It hadn't been cut or colored in I don't know when and I was sick of the gray. Unfortunately my mom decided to not color it but she bleached it and I am totally 100% bleach blonde which would be o.k I guess if I wasn't ghost white... Ugh! Plus it is so dry and fly away so.. whatever anything is better than it was lol. I haven't straightened it in weeks, and still haven't since it was fixed so we'll see how that goes- Heck it is summertime and I just slather a bunch of leave in conditioner in it and keep it pulled back and it saves the heat damage right? Saturday I had planned to go somewhere and eat a nice lunch after David got back from washing the car. HA yeah. Let me just say his brother was parking his car here and meeting their mom to go somwhere and … [Read more...]