I kissed an IMAC and I liked it

omg. i have a sore throat from hell.seriously...I haven't been sick since back in april so its like ugh wtf? it started yesterday morning. when i got back from the movies i had a little bit of acid reflux start to come up and i got choked and it went back down. so being choked,acid going down an already sore throat..well it was painful! and it still is. I really need this mess to go away, because i'm leaving thursday to go to my grandmas to have a yardsale. so hopefully it will go away or at least get a smidge better before then. I am trying to sell my laptop with no luck. i'm thinking at this point i would perhaps take 375 or so for it. my uncle MIGHT buy it (he has a computer store) so we will see. theres nothing wrong with it but i just really didnt get to get what I wanted when my other computer crashed. actually I played with an imac at bestbuy (macbook whatev) lol and now i'm wanting one of those. plus I have a student ID and can get an Ipod touch for free right now! thanks … [Read more...]

caitlin and michelle are right they are cloth pads! they are made out of flannel fabrics and filled with fiberfill, and a few are filled with thicker material can't wait to try them out. I have noticed that everytime i wear a regular pad i get extremely itchy! (TMI???) so my mom came up with this idea as an alternative..she used to use these kind when she was younger. actually it is a very trendy thing right now. found many patterns and information searching online. interesting! david sold his truck yesterday. wasn't even on craigslist 10 min and already had 2 calls and then it sold. we had a little bit of drama, because he left his whole entire set of keys in it, and we couldnt get a hold of the guy to get them back the guy ended up leaving them at a gas station up the road and called us and told us they were there so we could pick them up. tomorrow i get to order my nokia 7370 from terri! as long as david doesn't go back on his promise...he's trying to say he'll take it out of the … [Read more...]


do you know what they are? leave a comment with your guess! today sucked. its all dreary outside, and i cannot wake up to save my life. i finally took a shower and washed my hair to try to wake up and the sun has been out ever since! so now i can't layout today! ugh!! I am supposed to be having a yardsale the first weekend in august. now my moms talking about having it next weekend. i'm like ok make up your mind woman. seriously. she is a little bit on my nerves the last couple of days... really excited about my phone..not sure what my mom is going to do but eh... she's been running her mouth over the phone sittuation since january and cant make up her mind.. so i'm sick of it. i''ll figure it out on my own. i am sick of drinking cola!seriously i think it tastes like ..ick! my mom made some koolaide but she is scared of sugar or something so i'm going to have to put some more in it.. actually i'll probably go buy some juice or something. ok more latter! ng … [Read more...]


well this site has def. slowed down lately. I really liked the video posting but I must have abused it and its lost its appeal to everyone apparently! I have been slacking (and what else is new there right? lol) about updating, not for any particular reason. I have had a very bad headache behind my eyes since saturday that has just now started to get better. another thing is its summer so I can't sleep worth a crap! I do good as long as my ceiling fan on medium, but when i do david acts like he is freezing to death.. the brat from hell sittuation continues. I can't win for loosing. for some reason my mom gave me the money from yesterday, but i think that its just because she felt guilty about taking last weeks. everything is pretty quiet around here since my cousin went home. I am planning to buy the Nokia 7370 L'amour phone from terri at http://terri.nu. she had it advertised on lavish, and I happened to stop in and fall in love with it. my only real thing is my mom and her cell … [Read more...]



ahh at last here is an update..and a video one nonetheless! please leave me love!! I will return the favor … [Read more...]


my life sucks as of late. thats why I haven't been on. i cannot get out of watching that brat next door...my mom just doesnt get that i DO NOT want to do it. its insane. I am trying to get back into the swing in things... so bear with me. I am ALMOST caught up on commenting ciao ciao … [Read more...]