A week without blogging…

Well I have def. been laying low on the blogging this week haven't I? Monday I went out with my Mom, and ended up going home with her so I could get her to color my hair. No real change, a little bit more red but that is because my hair pulls red. Mainly, I was just trying to cover up a TON of gray roots! I think the last time I got it colored david's dad was in the hospital in charlotte so..it was past due for real! Tuesday & Yesterday are a blur. I have been having daggone nausea for the past few days. Before you even go there with me about being pregnant, which I wish were the case..I took a test and it was negative. HOWEVER usually when I take one, I start my period the same day(Irony right?) This time it hasn't happened! I think maybe I took the test too early? Wishful thinking, i'm sure. It was also weird that my dad asked me if I was having morning sickness LOL Speaking of my dad and odd ...The man done and went and got a facebook account! I thought I would DIE OF … [Read more...]

And you wonder why I am this way?


Ok, You all I am Nichole the wine freak...I haven't met a wine that I didn't like right? Well.. look how I started out in life. My tea set included WINE GLASSES. I swear! They are plastic, and I have had them in my tea set ever since I can remember! They remind me of the shot glasses that stefano and ej always drink out of on Days of our lives too! I just happened to be at my mom's today, and I saw them sitting in her window (she has some votive candles that work off of batteries and she has one sitting in each) and I thought that it would be fun to post here :) I want to disclose I did NOT drink wine as a young child, but apparently the notion was there LOL … [Read more...]

and I have accomplished N O T H I N G

Well let's put it this way. Thanks to this crappy weather we have had (sleet yesterday)and just being gray out today, I haven't managed to really get anything done on the site that I wanted to *yet* or even in the house for that matter. I don't know why used to be weekends were my time to get EVERYTHING DONE especially online, but anymore it just seems like I do better through the week. It's not even like I am sitting here doing anything really.. just mindlessly sitting on the couch while David's brother alex is playing some game on ps3. We went and rescued him while ago, ie.. he got out of the house and isn't having to stare mindlessly at the walls at their dads and all of that. Last night I called my grandma for the first time in forever. I know I really suck at not calling her for some reason. Just write that down. I suck at almost everything lol. I cannot wait for the time to change and maybe that will help. March 10th! I already looked it up :) well.. not an exciting … [Read more...]

Sad News in my extended family…

I have to say that I have been having a heavy heart today. The first thing I found out this morning when I woke up is my newest Aunt, Jackie(she married my uncle in august last year)...Her mom got killed in a car crash last night. I hadn't even met her mom but it just hit me hard. Her brother got shot and killed a little over a year ago...and now this. Jackie is just such a sweet amazing wonderful woman, and I just can't believe that she is having to take another blow like this. Later on today I found out that her mom was killed instantly in the wreck as well :( So if you all are thoughts or prayer people please send some out to her and her family. I can't even imagine how it would feel to suddenly loose my mom like that. i'm going to leave this post at that, and i'll write a regular post here in a few … [Read more...]

Biannual Blogathon Bash Kick Off Post

The last time I was going to participate in the bianual blogathon bash I felt weird all day like something wasn't right..It was an odd day anyways because David had to work on a friday. Anyways, I never really got started and had planned on working on it after he came home from work. We ended up over at his Dad's and.... well... I now refer to that night as the night of all the DRAMA that I never talk about...and of course I spent 5 months trying to shake off all the "funk". Anyways, I am hoping that this go around I can make it work out and get some things done around here! So yes, I am participating in my first ever bianual blogathon bash! In case you don't know the bianual blogathon bash is a chance for you to DO ALL THE THINGS on your blog that you have put off/ need to get done! You don't have to blog all weekend, anything related to working on your site counts, even cleaning out emails and all of that good stuff. There are 2 a year one in January and the other in June. You … [Read more...]

i’m “up” early…sort of..for now..

I do not know WHY but I have decided to try to stay up this morning. I guess with it being 8 a/m I have done pretty well. However, I know usually after 8 a/m I loose the ability to push through staying awake. Honestly, we should do a darn quiz on Nichole's Sleeping issues...I bet you all would pass with flying colors. My main thing is I don't mind staying up in the summer ..I mean i'm upstairs it's hot and bright outside and everything. Winter time? um, it's cold and dark and i'd rather just burrow! Today I want to try to get things done in the house that aren't the usual, vacuum, sams box dishes and laundry. though, you know every one of those could use a dose of being done too. I know i know it's always the same with me: needing to clean up the house and needing sleep. I hate it too! It's sad to be so darn boring.. lol. Sam finally decided to sleep back in the bed last night ..I know he didn't start out in the bed, but around 12 when I woke up he was sleeping at david's … [Read more...]