selling stuff…again…

For Sale Tord Boontje Hp Mini Series Limited Edition Netbook. Comes with upgraded memory (2gb instead of 1) 160 harddrive, matching sleeve, extra battery.also throw in my old navy messenger bag thats the perfect size to tote it around, and matches in its own way! i'd like 475 but i realize thats kinda steap. therefore, for my online friends i'm thinking 375ish and a little for shipping. i am negotiable to an extent! wii game your shape w/video camera i only played it ONE TIME its now 50 bucks instead of 70 so i'm thinking 35ish +nominal shipping fee if you are interested in either one drop me a line. ahh to reply to jenn's comment..i can't take any of it back to the store :) the netbook is about 5months old, and that silly game i don't have the reciept/ and you know how stores are about taking video games back! i'd love to if i could though! :) if i hadn't upgraded to a laptop i wouldn't sell the netbook. its too freaking cute! … [Read more...]

nichole needs…

new clothes!! seriously nothing I own fits anymore :( with my little pudge on my stomach it pokes out over top of all my jeans, and it looks ....blah! I was just telling David this morning that I am going to go to American Eagle and get a credit card and buy some new things. You know in my world this is easier than giving up cake and soda and the likes to try to loose weight! Doesn't matter that i have a wii fit and the wii myshape game.I never have the energy to use them Then i got to thinking. maybe i'd like some new shoes?? I really don't hardly ever get anything that is brand new, even when it comes to shoes. I think the last pair of brand new shoes i had were some nike shox that Tim bought me because i cried and whined so much about wanting some. He got them when he was in Chicago at Thanksgiving the year that we were together, and that was in 2005! I honestly do love to shop online. it is so simple. If you know your correct sizes and such it is quite easy. Most of you know … [Read more...]

I need new blogs to follow. some new people to interact/comment with. if you can suggest me some...leave me a comment. i'd really appreciate it!! the theme i had up messed up my stats, so i had to switch back to an old one :( apparently my video blog wasn't was long awaited as i had hoped lol. i know it was long...maybe i'll try a shorter /more interesting one i'm really liking the summer weather. it just really makes me want to work on my site for some reason. that and the domain lol. see ya around everyone!! … [Read more...]

um.cute.but psycho

I REALLY REALLY want to do a v-log. it would take an eternity to upload it for some reason though! I did better on dialup for some reason when it comes to video uploading. UGH!! I started to post at lights again! I had missed that board over the last few months. it is just SO active and everyone is beyond friendly to me over there :) its awesome. I couldn't go online today, because something went wonky with the netbook/hd2 tethering, and the phone had to be reset. I really didn't do much today, even though I have been awake since like 4 a.m! I got up around 7 and just lounged till 10ish. then I morphed into some cleaning freak cleaned the living room, finally got into my room and cleaned up my closet!! this is the first time its been clean n clear since we moved in. I also cleaned up a tiny bit in the kitchen and bathroom. I am trying to get some rest one way or another, or i'm gonna seriously LOOSE IT. i'm gonna take some benadryl soon and see how that goes. I really … [Read more...]


yesterday was one of the biggest days my site ever saw! it was awesome :) my mom left for virgnia this morning, so i'm officially stuck at the house durring the day until she gets back. it's ok though i'm pretty much used to it, and i think i'm getting a summer time cold or my allergies are just being extra evil...I don't really know! the weather here is SO dreary and icky. and where i haven't slept right for so long, well this really makes me want to sleep...right through the whole day lol. i guess it doesn't really matter if i did sleep right through the day, because hey at least i'd get caught up on my sleep! i'm also catching up on all the eating i missed out on last week lol. i don't know but my appetite went from where everything i thought of/tried to eat made me sick, to me wanting everything i can find! i don't have many plans for today. i'd like to wash some clothes/wash the dishes but honestly, i'll prob only get the clothes done. and clean sammy's box a lil bit. … [Read more...]