Turning 30..Just another Day!

Howdy There Everyone! Today is my 30th birthday, but I mean it is a weekday and David has to work so.. just another day to me lol. Maybe we can "celebrate" this weekend or something but if not, it really doesn't matter to me. I haven't much cared about my birthday in many years. We had cake at my moms and I have some in a container that I brought home and I got a few things from my mom so..it's all good. I am sure David will bring me a tiny something home when he gets off work. Heck I still have a gigantic hello kitty balloon he got me for valentines day :) I slept really well last night , but I made the mistake of course of going back to sleep when David left for work..Oh I so cannot wait for that time change so I can do so much better with staying up! Right now I am loading up on coffee and trying to figure out what I want to get into today.. always have laundry, dishes and a rug to vacuum lol. That is the viscous never ending cycle for sure..I am hoping that my hair … [Read more...]

Warm Weather & Feeling inspired

Howdy There Folks!! So I am coming out of my funk rather nicely! I am feeling more inspired as far as online things go at least! I just know I have to be busy with doing something or my mind really goes all bah humbug and with me taking time off from blogging it probably wasn't the best of ideas...or at least taking a break for as long as I did wasn't such a hot idea. I have been attending the Social Online Conference, and I am going to be helping over at Better Blogger Network as well...I would like to get back into reviewing and get some things cleaned up and updated here, and of course work my tale off on BE! I also dragged myself into my closet last thursday and managed to clean out a tub of stuff for the yardsale that my mom is wanting to have, and that was just a tip of the iceberg what I could do in about a 2 hour time frame when the urge struck me! Saturday we went to my moms and got my windshield replaced and I got my birthday cake and whatnot. It sucks to have a … [Read more...]

Happy 4 Year Sam-Man-Iversary!


I am a day late with this post, but.... I have a good excuse.. I had a hard drive crash on the white laptop (the old one) yesterday AND I was moderating the Social Online Conference so... Anyways... 4 years ago on feb 21, I went and picked up a very cute orange, green eyed fur baby that I had found on craigslist! … [Read more...]

Wordless Wed: #BESOCIETY #WordlessWedneseday Fall Leave & Snow Edition


I have been really slack in general which I know we aren't shocked about, but I really got behind on doing wordless wed and whatnot so I wanted to try to get back into it. This is a pic of one of my fake leaves that I have in a flower pot in the snow from the snow before the last snow :) It is so me, so I wanted to share it :) An InLinkz Link-up get the InLinkz code   … [Read more...]

blizzard and my snow-tastrophe :)

Hi there everyone! So we made it through to the other side of the blizzard! *insert snow pics here* I can't lie though 11 inches of snow especially in this area is pretty major!   At my moms they still have tons of snow in the yard and driveway and even here we have some in the shade areas, especially the woods!  David ended up only working 2 days last week and at least he will get to make up one day this week, so he will only be one day short. We did have a snow-tastrophe though... when we broke out of here on friday to go eat lunch and what not a piece of the compacted snow/ice flew off the hood and smacked the window really hard. When we go to get back in the car there was a small crack and by the next morning it was almost all the way across so we have to get it replaced. The only way we could work it out is we have to do it at my moms on saturday b/t 12-5 because the way david had to work an extra day and their availability. At least we had the option though! I have spent … [Read more...]

New Laptops, Impending Foul Weather, oh and insomnia of course

Hi Everyone! I am up bright..well not bright.. grey and dreary and early would be more appropriate lol. I went to bed to do the tv/cuddles thing about 8 last night because I had a horrid headache that set in around 6:30 that I couldn't shake. Anywho around 10:30 I shut everything off to go to sleep but I couldn't get comfy and David was snoring! I was like OMG since when does he snore? Anyways from 10:30-11:45 or so I had about 4 weird random scary "dreams" I say "dreams" because they were like little flashes and they were just.. dark and creepy? I don't really remember any of them (thankfully!) They continued all the way up till about 2:30 when David got up for water. I made him put marley in her bed because she was licking and it was driving me nuts. Somewhere between there and about 4 I may have slept a tiny bit but not very long. David had a bad dream and it woke me up. Sam went nutso because he didn't have any food in his bowl (we had gave him wet last night and he likes to … [Read more...]