Quick Update

I promise to linke Honeul and Kathleen and Fee, and anyone else who has been here in the last week or so that I didnt.. in my blogroll today/tommorow :) (new years resolution for my weblife-link people sooner lol) my mom came over and helped take down my christmas decorations-my house looks so..naked now lol I am trying to feel better today..and fix my hair. i'm trying to straighten it on my own again but its being evil. its THICK :( ok well i'm out gotta try to get some things done and watch my days of our lives. xo ng … [Read more...]


if you are new to my site and have commented in the last week : if i havent been by your site and commented and offered to exchange links please forgive me i'm behind! i wasnt home last wed, fri, sat or sun. and now i'm having Major female problems..i'll get to you and appreciate you visiting to all my old friends... i'll be around. you know how i seem to get lol … [Read more...]

time of the month blahs

You'd think i'd be excited that my period is comming at a normal time all on its own.. but you'd be wrong. It's a pretty rough one, and its taking all that I have in me (which isnt much) out of me. I just am glad that its not me having HPV problems, but I wish I was pregnant. ha ha like thats gonna happen! moving on. david is all obssessed with watching "cars" and I just really don't care. he needs to go to the store and pick up something for him to take for lunch tommorow instead. @michelle in that picture of me and david he has his wireless thermomator in his lap and a box of candy that my mom and dads neighbors made for us (I cant eat it cuz i'm allergic to peanuts) Ok later gators... gonna go find some naporsen, but i'm not sure that I have any! xo ng … [Read more...]

The Holiday Review

Hello Everyone. Here's the review of the past few days :) Tuesday: we went and ate olive garden. I got chicken marsala which was really good. I only had one berry sangria (I had to get up early the next day to go to my parents and I didnt want to be hungover. that and the fact I wanted to go to the mall and not be drunk while there lol) we went to the mall and I got a set of pajamas (playboy) at spencers, and a really nice looking nightie at the victoria secrets. then we went to bestbuy but we didnt get anything. I mean I already knew he probably wouldnt have gotten me alot since he got me that photo printer and all that early. plus the laptop and camera Wedneseday: went to my mom and dads as david went to work. didnt really do much except try to clean off my ipod and try to figure out why i cant get on the interent there like I did that one week (still no clue why) david got off at noon, and we had christmas dinner and then we opened presents. be sure to check out the pictures on … [Read more...]

christmas early

my mom is having christmas dinner at her house tommorow when david gets off of work at noon. shes probably gonna be in virginia on christmas so ... this is pretty much out only chance to have a christmas. my mom and dad want us to go with them to virgina but its like .. ugh prob not gonna happen. if david actually offered to go with me though i'd consider it. his parents would probably watch duke. shadow would be ok by hisself i'm sure. i doubt it happening though. anyways that means i have to get up when david goes to work so i can go down there. ugh. not lookin forward to being out in the cold early morning! I don't know if david has gotten paid yet (frankly i only get depressed when i go to the banks website and check our account) so anyways if he got paid i think hes gonna be going christmas shopping this evening. i mean honestly he doesnt have to for me if he doesnt want to because he bought me that photo printer & house season 4 on dvd...and that little random stuff he … [Read more...]