Happy Halloween

Hi! this weekend i have just felt like UGH! like I know i am generally lazy and whatnot on the weekends but this one just took the cake. I slept really..lightly on friday night. I woke up at 5 a.m and was barely asleep at all after that. I woke up to a text message from my uncle wanting to trade his env touch for my env3. i rushed about and got to the post office and got it sent out at like 11:55. I don't know why he wants to trade when I know that he bought it straight out but for some reason he does sooo.. I just told him he had to make sure to get the other one here by friday because as of friday I won't have any minutes on my t-mobile phone, and would be without a phone period. I forgot to delete my text messages before i sent it,which most were not nothing important but I know their were 3 in my drafts that were to Jason and they really didnt need to be seen by anyone else. I am sure they were not nothing too personal but still it bugs me. I just told him please delete … [Read more...]

OhMiBod Freestyle Review


I recently got the chance to review the OhMiBod Freestyle Vibratorby OhMiBod, and boy was I excited! This is a vibrator that I was seriously lusting after, and it was a dream to come true to get this opportunity . In case you haven't ever heard of the OhMiBod Freestyle, It is a vibrator that works with your Ipod! (or stereo system). Perhaps one of the most awesome things of all is it is wireless! The OhMiBod freestyle also works not only with your Ipod, but it has 7 vibration patterns that can be used all on their own. Honestly, when you can feel the vibrations of your favorite song or use this as a regular vibrator what is not to love? Some of the technical specs of the OhMiBod Freestyle are: Music Mode: compatible with all ipod models/iphones mp3 players and home speaker systems wireless transmitter works within a 25ft range control music volume and vibration independently The materials the OhMiBod Freestyle is composed of a premium grade of hypoallergenic non toxic … [Read more...]

and it was a good day!

Today in all has been a good day! I started out the day as being Pipedream Toys 700th Follower on twitter! end result I won this vibe! I have NEVER won anything in my life except a 30% eden fantasys code so I was HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY! I can't wait to get it then here comes ups. i happened to think that I heard them pull up and I was right! I was expecting the item i ordered yesterday with some of my gift cards and 30% contributor code! I ordered a nightgown, a lelo nea, a dvd and a erotic storybook. but.. he had an extra package. i stood staring at it for like a minute then it dawned on me. it was my rug warmer thing from warmly yours. the package was nearly as tall as me lol. I was so excited. first packages I got since I moved and they came on the same day. :) look for the review on that soon :) When david got home we ended up going to walmart and to eat ... because the shower head broke. we ended up with the cheapest waterpic walmart had..and ate at this japan place that … [Read more...]

oh this ghetto fridge.

remember me telling you all about the ghetto fridge that we got at this apt? well now it is pouring water.. of course they think they can fix it. HA. i am serious when I tell you there is NO hope for this ghetto piece! I am so aggravated because they could have taken care of this BEFORE we were moved in. no. now they have to come tear apart my kitchen... I will prob have to put sam up as well. it is just so inconvienent. to top it all off i'll have to take my stuff off of the top, which include a million cookbooks among other things. JOYS. anyways my stomach is still mad as can be, but i'm dealing. gingerale is the only thing that is helping..ugh! I don't think that this crazy thunderstormish wicked weather we are having for october is helping either! I mean what is this CRAP? my hair is in panic mode. (I have very naturally curly hair) I have about 5 tons of conditioner in it and its still mad :( of course when i don't have my hair fixed, I don't feel like I look that … [Read more...]

tummy virus sucks

Hi! Sorry I haven't written but at least I have a good excuse: ever since sunday I have had some kind of stomach virus. omg. I am so ready for it to be over. It has taken alot out of me! Plus I was just finishing up my girly time, and i'm fighting off some kind of wicked little runny nose/throat thing.YUCK! I have a few reviews, 1 in particular that I need to get up ASAP but I don't think it will be today. I don't think i'm going to be doing much of anything this evening, except crawling in my bed and sleeping till tomorrow. Hopefully I might be able to comment and that type of thing though... Jason came to visit yesterday! It was awesome of coruse. I hadn't got to see him in like 3 months! He actually stayed a fairly decent amount of time too.Miracles of all Miracles he didnt get called into work. He only left because we were getting these wicked storms, and we knew that up in the mountains it would be worse/they were working on the road soo. I can't wait for him to come … [Read more...]

plans change!

Hi!! I was going to do a video blog, but i'm going to save that for a day or so :) I can't wait to see if my upload speed over here is better. I don't really ever tell too much of a difference on day to day net use, but our mobile web is doing better and I have noticed we don't go in and out of networks soo.. I am basically caught up on reviews. I have 2, and then i'm ..caught up!  Of course, they will probably be up on sunday since thats my boring day because of football and all that !! I hadn't planned to go to my parents tomorrow but david has to go fix something with the power stearing on the car, sooo. I hope to pick up some of my posters and my bulletin/marker board. that way my room will be complete. I didn't have them at the previous apt because of that tacky paneling we had. plus that place never felt like home to me no matter what! I just hit 100 followers on twitter. i'm so happy. I think i'm going to hit 12,000 tweets by the end of tonight/tomorrow at … [Read more...]