I created an app …and other ramblings

I made a Nichole/Autumn-Rain app! If you're really nice to me I might actually release it lol. Not sure yet..want to tweak it some.. don't even know if anyone would want to use it anyways? I just thought it was fun & neat. Right now i'm not doing a whole lot of anything except waiting on a package of bath & beauty goodies from edenfantasys! lol I hope it gets here soon ..it is SCORCHING out and I would like for them to stay a decent temp.and not melt I am also kicking myself for going to bed too late..I know better! If I go to bed later than 1130ish I am not worth a crap the next day! Me & Vitamin B and coffee are getting acquainted for sure. I also plan to get my hair cut this weekend..it is so very thick and blah right now. I tried to straighten it and it really got ick.I was gonna wait to get it layered but am seriously considering going ahead and doing it.. well i'm out for now. gonna see what I can get into/find food/etc   … [Read more...]

Blog Inspiration Needed!

I NEED blog inspiration DESPERATELY If you can share anything with me to help motivate me and give me ideas for posts and content please please please share it with me! Pins on pinterest/links/etc would be very much appreciated! Thanks so much!! Nichole … [Read more...]

allergies day gazillion..

Today is yet another day i'm laying low net wise. The allergies are just killing me.. I am telling ya it's kind of like I made it through cold season to have to suffer through this mess? I wish I could take zyrtec instead of claritin but it doesn't work for me. And of course it takes clartin 2 weeks to get into your system! Bah! Right now I don't have long before david gets off of work. I have things laid out to make spaghetti/hilshire farm beef sausage with but WHo knows if he will actually want that or not... he did get paid today so.. maybe we can grab something cheap and quick out and about? I do have to go tanning today because I missed sunday and yesterday.. sucks because I could have actually made it both days. I have been making my minutes last as much as possible because who knows how and if I will be able to buy a package when the minutes are up. I am trying to at least make it till April...I have only laid 15 min in the 20 min beds. Seriously though when it's time … [Read more...]

Yeah, I still write about EdenFantasys here :)

So you all know I do dabble in the "adult" world of blogging, even though I have moved the actual sex toys and goodies of those sorts reviews to another domain entirely so that this is a more family friendly type of site (Even though, when I think of it, that does sound silly...a family friendly blog? the only type of sites I'd probably go to online with someone in my family would be a social networking or gaming site .. anyways.. lol) One retailer that I decided that it was safe enough to still continue to write about on my personal domain was EdenFantasys! They are so much more than your adult retailer with all of their bath goodies, body goodies, and so much more. Edenfantasys is a actual community with all kinds of ways to interact and hey, did you know you can even earn POINTS for your actions over there that can be cashed in for gift cards? You even get points for simple actions like logging in and searching for items! I have cashed in several points as giftcards to help pay … [Read more...]

…? no title comes to mind…

I don't believe I have even had my computer on since thursday or maybe friday? I have seemingly gotten to where the weekends + computer + me = doesn't work out. I think it's probably for the best though...kind of sort of keeps me fresh for through the week? I don't know David had to RUSH to get his brother on friday. I won't really go there, except to say it pretty much screwed the whole weekend up especially since we didn't get him back home until YESTERDAY! UGH. It is just seriously too much of a hassle to go that far to get him let him sit here and eat all of our snacks/drink all of our soda and then tote him back... plus it makes for the most boring of times for me. I might as well just not be here! I can't watch what I want on tv/etc and david doesn't hardly pay attention to me..MEH well it won't be happening again for a while is all i know. My allergies are killing me, so i'm pretty well laying low today... just wanted to pop on here for a sec and write a quick update. … [Read more...]

Vile Pollen & Blasted Time Change

*waves* Hi, What's going on everyone. I don't have much going on in my world...I swear I have hit the most boring spell known to man..BLAH! I do the same things at the same time EVERY day pretty much lately, and nothing changes. Makes for boring blog posts for sure, that is why I have been laying pretty low lately! Today my mom is coming over ...since she is abandoning me for the weekend to go to my grandparents in va. I sure wish I could go, but .. yeah... not going to happen. David could have stayed here and had his brother over or whatever and just let me go..but nah.. that won't ever happen right? I don't actually know WHY she is coming over other than to take me tanning. Usually she comes to tote me around to the stores or to pay a bill or something as well. The only thing I need is to get Sam some food, and that is it. Tanning & Sam food...I know she wanted me to look at southernsavers website for harris teeter to see if I wanted anything from there..I half skimmed 2 of … [Read more...]