well…that’s a little unnearving!

*waves* Good Grief the internet sure is DEAD lately!!! I know I haven't really been "into" the net for the last month or so but meh, when I get on there is no interaction going on! I know thursday we had no internet (do not know what the heck is wrong with it...David reset our modem and now it works again..it's weird how it only seams to go out in storms...) I found out on Saturday that some people at the other end of my road (I live on the very begining right where the main road is) got shot and killed!  That made me feel totally uneasy around for sure. I mean I always joke and call it my "yee ghetto house on yee ghetto hill" but it is mostly a joke!  Most of the people who live over here have lived here since BEFORE we lived here the first time. Then there are those who have been here about a year...and we have some people that just moved in.. I haven't really ever felt this place was unsafe..but now i'm beginning to wonder! Today I didn't really have any plans..and I really … [Read more...]


Depression FREAKING BITES. In case you wondered. This most recent flair up has made me want to pull my hair out and it's the worst flair up I have had in recent times, if not EVER.   Of course it started just a little over a month ago and I have had a lot of ups and downs.. mostly downs. I swear just when I think things are "ok" or normal something sets me back. The sad thing is noone has ever really realized that I am depressed. Sure I act sad or have a bad day, say i'm depressed..but people don't realize the power behind the actions and words. They just push it off as normal....it sucks to not be taken seriously and that noone really gets it. When things first happened last month, it was fairly obvious to ANYONE who knows me that something was wrong ..especially if you were my parents or Jason or David. I didn't eat for almost 5 days. That was the most drastic I have ever been. I drug around my stuffed wolf I got from great wolf EVERY WHERE we went and I basically … [Read more...]

Wordless Wed: Mountains :)


Picture from my mountains trip on saturday! (And yes, I totally should be in bed right now. I got up ate a hashbrown, watched PLL from last night, and now i'm going back to bed for a while!) … [Read more...]

benadryl=sleepy nichole

*Waves* Benadryl is Amazing ya'll lol :) Seriously it makes my brain shut up and I can go into a awesome sleep and it's nice! I only take it like once a week or every few weeks..I did buy some zzz quil but I have not tried it yet..I am a little worried because I haven't ever took it! I know the last time I took nyquil I couldn't sleep the entire night and it wasn't my normal couldn't sleep. I was wide awake and couldn't calm down! Today is another lazy day around the house for me!I know David and I are going out to eat tonight (not sure where) and we have to take the modem that we got when we were going to switch to cable internet back to target. I might head up to Z's (the bar with the awesome home cooked food!) tomorrow night. We haven't been in about 3 weeks.. Of course I am MOST looking forward to going to the mountains on friday like I mentioned before! I really am trying to think of some new stuff to put here to help spruce the site up I swear. I am reverting back to … [Read more...]

10 years of Eden Fantasys!

You Might have noticed before now but Eden Fantasys is celebrating their 10 year anniversary! I have been acquainted with them for only a little bit over 2, but I think that it is amazing that they have been around for so many years! A lot of the companies I work with here, and even on Grits-Reviews don't last more than a few months in the grand scheme of things! Especially in the world of Adult Retail & Sex Toys! Eden Fantasys has a lot of things going on for the celebration of their big one zero! They have 10 different gifts that you can get for free with various amounts that you spend/ certain items that you purchase. Tie all of that in with the regular free gift that you can get with any purchases and you could easily get 3+ gifts just with a basic 40 buck purchase! The freebies range from things like a beach towel, to lip gloss and even t-shirts and calenders. A wide range of goodies to choose from is always a good thing! I know that I am looking forward to diving in and … [Read more...]

I MISS the MOUNTAINS like whoa

*waves* Hi There! How is everyone on this monday? I am OK, I just went to bed with a Nasty headache, took an advil, woke up with the same evil headache at 5:30 when David went to work...and it's still trying to linger! Today is another chill day in my world just being lazy ..ie watching Gossip Girl on netflix and getting a few things done around the house (mainly a load of color clothes) and cleaning up sams box. The exciting life I lead, I know. I have been a little extra bored since I bascialy haven't had any paid posts or reviews lately. I do have a few for my other site but..I haven't had the stuff very long so..it will be a while before I get going on those... I have been trying to think of a good topic to do an article type post on...but I haven't came up with anything quite yet! I have major brain lock right now.. I'll be back eventually I promise. I am VERY hopeful to get to go to the blue ridge parkway this coming weekend..Even though I PROMISED my mom if she went … [Read more...]