Things looking different?

aub556kk8cf Hey there everyone! I woke up in this major "I want Autumn-Rain and BE-Society overhauled" mood and well.. I am currently working on it! The lovely charli adapted my old theme and made this one for me a few weeks back before the move and I just now had the urge to change it. I need a little bit of help as I plan to go back to 2 sidebars and get some new social media widgets up, so watch for that! Today will probably be spent perking up the site and joining in on various hops and whatnot. The warm weather and this apartment has just done wonders for my spirit. That and the no more court thing :) I can't wait to spend the summer blogging and getting things done! I hope I never have the stupid urge to take MONTHS at a time off of blogging ever again. I promise I will get all the linkys from the week up that I missed (i think lol) as well as a brand new one we are doing at BE on Fridays now here in a few. This was basically just a test post for bloglovin' Later Gators … [Read more...]

Target $100 Gift Card Giveaway Blogger Opp

    Blogger Sign up!     We are giving away  a Target Gift Card $100 Info: -2 Free links with announcement (Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest) Get the promotional announcement here The announcement is required or you can pay $5.00 waiver fee -Giveaway Date:  July 7  to July 21 -Co-host $10.00 (include) 10 Links (no google links or personal social media pages) 2 Co-host pages -Extra links $3.00 (up to 3 links) Send payment to If you have any question, please email me at Sign up here … [Read more...]

A Tale Of A Smudgy Mess: Nichole’s Not So Great Norvell Spray Tan Experience


This is NOT a sponsored post/ Sponsored review. This is just based on a really crappy experience I had with this spray tan a couple of days ago, and I felt the need to share! When I was in High School.. oh about 12 years ago now (good god really?) I used to do Mystic Spray tan. I had a lot of good results with it, and even though I had minor smudges when I would finally turn colors(because it took several hours) I could always blend in with a tanning towel or some spray. There was only one place even remotely close by to do it and it was a pretty good bit down the road but I still went! Afterwords when I started trying to stay more close to the house to tan I started doing regular tanning and did that for MANY years. Not for more than a couple of months at a time because I always got burnt out and quit going and all of that good stuff. I have also managed to get burned to the point of blisters 1 time (about 4 years ago) and one time before that was pretty bad as well back in the … [Read more...]

Marley gets all the compliments :)

Hi There Everyone! Well the weekend was a nice and laid back one! Saturday David and I pretty much just hung out around the house. We did go eat at which wich (omg I have one less than 10 minutes from me now lol) and other than that we just enjoyed being at home for the first time in forever without anyone else around! Sunday we took Marley up to L-Town (Where I used to live) because one of the pet grooming places that is local was doing a free teeth/ear cleaning and nail trim to drum up business since they had moved locations. We also ended up making a appointment to take her up there this coming saturday for a bath since it is only $10! Sunday was Marley's day for compliments and love all around! The girls at the grooming place were loving her up! Then we were in the parking lot of little ceasars with David's dad and this tiny little fellow spotted her in the car and had his dad hold him up so he could see her and was waving and blowing kisses! Then David and I were going … [Read more...]

Tuesday 10 # 9 with @TheBESociety: June Goals (With Linky)


Wow I can't believe it is Tuesday 10 time again! This week we are focusing on goals for the month of June! 1. Do a 30 Day June Blog Writing Challenge. I love those things! 2. Spend time with my family in Virginia 3. Start planning my meals/Eating out only once or twice a month!(We had one month free rent here, so now things will start getting tight( I have a whole list of things that I have everything that I need to make /most everything that I need to make. 4. start spending some time at the pool ...mostly just laying in the sun and reading/listening to music 5. Start working out a little bit. We have a fitness room here and I would love to loose some of this stomach! 6.Shape up the subpages on here. Especially the about me, media kit, and Fur babes pages 7. Straighten BE up as well. Come up with some new activities,etc that is a huge list and I can't do it a month lol but at least I can start! 8. At the same time I would like to get things scheduled up … [Read more...]

Moving right along

Hey There Everyone! How is it going? Things here are great! I am in one of my early morning let me get a million and one things done moods and I love it. I had started a post on Monday or Tuesday about how I have been having some really nasty coughing spells and difficulty breathing. I think that it is a combo of being allergic to the honeysuckle that is blooming like mad right now and that I might be allergic to something that is actually in the apartment, maybe the carpet? It is brand new and you never know what might be in it is the only thing that I Have came up with so far, especially since it didn't start till we moved. I have had like 3 really bad attacks and a couple of mild ones. Luckily I haven't had one since sunday night, (I just had one of those cough a bit/sleep a bit things all night long) Hopefully I am in the home stretch. We have been running humidifiers, changed the air filter and I am taking allegra! Davids brother Did NOT get the job at David and Dad's … [Read more...]