be afraid of the 12 year old looking girl in pink

am out walking in a neighborhood that we have lived in 11 years and got the cops called on me! i was out taking pics, which you all know i was SO excited about. i had my phone out ...that way if anyone wanted to mess with me they might be like ok she has a phone I stayed in the road of our subdivision, zooming in on things i wanted pics of, staying out of peoples yards. i was on the side street closest to my house, just getting started when this guy acts like he's gonna pull out of his driveway so i proceed to move out of the way and he never pulled out, so i continue walking, and am almost all the way down the street when i hear him start talking shit about me behind my back, about how i'm lurking, and walking ALL UP IN POEPLES YARDS ( i did proceed to get on the edge of some yards while i thought he was going to pass me) so i pull out my phone, and act like i'm randomly chatting to someone about whats going on. saying loudly I AM 25 I HAVE LIVED HERE SINCE HIGH SCHOOL. JUST OUT … [Read more...]

my vampyre split personality

So by some twist of fate i get to play in the vampyre game on ecstasy! i was really excited to get the oppertunity :) it was fun coming up with a vampire name/saying i picked alisa perne from the last vampire series by christopher pike. i'm probably dating myself because theres probably only a couple of you who know what i am talking about lol. you might remember that i was reading these books early in the summer. my saying is "Now Heaven Spoke To Her...and Hell" anyways i'm having a blast with that. and trying to keep my stamp collection /trade post up there. and the collection here. its almost a full time job! i am trying to get a few things done around here. i'm also trying to clean out a few things in my room. i'm busy but having fun and i like it. my sleep habits are getting weirder than ever. went to bed at 1 and got up at 6 and never went back to sleep..ugh my moms foot is doing better. she might get to get the stitches out soon :) on a sadder note. they think my nanny has … [Read more...]

EMB & Stuff

I rejoined ecstasy message board. despite some negative things i said about them/ some of the people i have taken it back. i came in peace. i missed it. i missed the people! i am taking part in the stamp collection they have going on. i have added my collection here at the site so check it out! i am really in the mood to work on my myspace/facebook/site the last few days so i'm going with that! i'm adding affilates and all that good stuff. i'm gonna delete some of the links in the blog roll. ... jenn gel caity and melle will remain when i'm through! anyways, i'm around will be around to comment today and i'm serious about the card exchange. i know its early but i'd be SO happy to do it. just let me know more latter *today maybe ng … [Read more...]

moving on /christmas card exchange

saturday was my biggest site day yet with 56 hits, sad i know i get excited if i get more than 3 lol. anyways i'm done bitching and complaining for now. it is what it is. i just dont like people thinking david is all bad and shit, cuz thats far from the truth. he hasnt ever hit me or anything like that so you know... let bygones be bygones. he doesn't have it easy having to live with MY parents and maybe getting ready to get laid off. so with that said the previous 2 or 3 posts that directly dealt with the laptop sittuation will now be private. i rejoined ecstasy message board. trying to get back there, and to lavish and lights. i do better with boards this time of year. any of my regular readers that might would want to christmas card exchange with me let me know. trying to get an idea of how many cards I need :) of course we can exchange addresses privatey on dm on twitter or email or whatever. ok more latter. i'm off to comment, work on my myspace/facebook and maybe a few things … [Read more...]

purely freaking PISSED

i am telling you if i am not sick and freakin tired of everything and everyone.i swear if i cold just scoop up the cat and leave i'd never look back. i have been hungry since 8 last night. there are no snacks here, and nothing to cook. i have repetedly asked david to take me to the store to get some things. i would go myself but I can't take anyone else's car. i call him to ask him to come home, so we can go grab something CHEAP. i was like I WILL take 10 bucks of MY money and we go to mcdonalds. and he just flat out tells me he isnt coming home/doesnt know when he's coming home and that he doesnt CARE i almost said well then i dont know if i'll be here. but i just hung up. i am sick of hearing everyone bitch and complain and ask me to do everything. i bet you anything he and his fam went and ate some fancy meal that he paid for and that he drags in a whole sleu of crap that we dont need that he bought while he was out. but spending money is always my fault. yeah i asked ur bro … [Read more...]

old computers & new tricks

I am on my moms computer (laptop) that my grandma bought at a yardsale, and then my uncle put a cd burner and some memory in it. I put the t-mobile broadband in so i am not using dialup. still a bit slow but hey better than sitting holed up in my room. I might use my old gateway solo 1150 if i can get one of the usb connections that doesnt have a short in it...since apparently the modem is not hub friendly that gateway is old lol. i have had it since i was in 10th grade so like almost 10 years i guess. its only got like 150 hard drive or something.. its pretty ghetto. the dialup modem is screwed up on it.. its crashed on me about 6 times.. but if i can get it to work for now, that would be cool. david went off w/o me this morning. i was kinda pissed but I really dont care now. whatever. spend time with ur family. kinda makes it peaceful on me i guess. theres a zune 8gb at walmart for 100 bucks. i have a 50 giftcard and i do have the means to pay the remainder but dont know if i … [Read more...]