oh yeah i ment to post!

well I really ment to blog before now!! lol i swear I am such a slacker. i have been this way for years. do really good at blogging and commenting then go to where its like ok is nichole alive? twitter spoils me so bad though. i just make 50 mllion tweets and then i don't update.oy!! friday i did end up seeing jason. thats really all that will be wrote here about that. i might make a private post later on, but i'm not sure how i want to handle that sittution right now. just seeing him was a great thing though!! saturday was a blah day. i was hungover and we went to watch alvin & chipmunks the squeakual. sunday we went over to davids dads and out to eat (i had the WORST eating out experience ever) i actually threatened the general manager that if he didn't fix the sittuation i'd cancel payment with the bank. it was that bad. we ended up going to best buy and they had season 5 of house for 16 bucks so that was nice!! monday is a blur...i really dont know … [Read more...]

christmas eve 2009

oh mee gee nichole decided to blog on christmas eve!!! not alot going on with me. i am really trying to get up with jason just to see him for a few secs at least b4 the end of tomorrow. we were last together on christmas 2006 so it would really mean alot to me!! i haven't really been doing to much. i am kind of in an internet funk as well as an real life funk. i am just trying to suck it up and go on you know? today went tothe mall and to walmart. ugh!! lol so so so sorry about my funkiness that i haven't made it around to comment i know i'm not the best net comment buddy but i'm trying lolz. well i'm out 4 now … [Read more...]

icky weather and such

Jenn is giving away a 50 dollar gift card to Eden Fantasys you have till tonight at 1159 to enter so go check it out here so not much going on with me. working on trying to fluff up exquisite a lil bit. poor board is a little dead this week, especially the last two days. exams and holidays though, so its all good : The weather here is positvely icky. I wanted to get out and get a burger b4 it got too bad but i was too late. ugh. now i still need to eat dinner and its already 7:30 jason and i were gonna hang out today but hes coming from the mountains and it was already bad there b4 it got bad here. sooo we will try for next week sometime hopefully. i commented a good portion of you all the night b4 last i believe it was.slowly but surely i am getting into the swing of things again. well more latter...gonna find something constructive to do ha ha! ng … [Read more...]

don’t excite me like that!

well hello there my friends! i swear i do not make good use of my online time at all anymore! i am behind on commenting blogging and posting at my board.... and I cant tell you why! other than that! yesterday i went with david to his dads and we didnt really get along..i dont know david just acts like hes so the shit when hes over there. i kinda knew that would happen but i went anyways because i just wanted to get out of the house but oy it might be a while b4 i do that again. right now i've been talking to jason, on of my ex guys (we were more friends than the rest) david does know, and well its kinda complicated. i'll prob make some posts at exquisite about it, in my private section of the board but I don't think i'm gonna be putting much about it here...so i know it sounds like a ploy to get you to join exquisite but if you would want to know more about that, and your someone that I trust please feel free to join there and we'll see how it goes. my period is driving me nuts. it … [Read more...]

hungry for STEAK ..yummy..for we party tonight

oy. right now i'm stalking the mailbox waiting for christmas cards! so far i've gotten 5 from the online people :) that would be kecia,jenn,jennifer,rebekah and one that i havent quite figured because it was unsigned! i think i know but i'm not sure right now i'm hungry and trying to come up with something light to eat because i am going out to eat with my husband/dads company tonight for their christmas party. oh hell yes 30dollar steak lol. exquisite is doing well seriously go join. we are doing well with TA and everything oooh i am so proud!! http://exquisite.press-pause.net if you haven't updated my link yet, just try to do that for me before the new year. i asked michelle to leave me up there until then so people can still have time to find me and all that. (to figure out i've moved) well not really alot going on here. shadow must have been having him some ktity cat love though cause for a few days this week he was pretty much M I A! ok well i'm out. gonna try to find … [Read more...]

oh yeah, its sunday

well today i came with david to his dads. ha he thought he was gonna get out of the house without me was one thing, but with my netbook and not me is quite another. lol he is only allowed supervised visits with this thing. i am playing at exquisite.i need to edit some pages around here and whatnot so we'll see. like i said everytime i say i'm gonna do it it doesnt happen. right now i'm here with my bro in law while david took his dad to work. oy. david is supposed to bring me some mcdonalds back so yayy. thanks to caity for the link exchange!! i also want to add whitters, and jennfur. so someone keep on me about it so i know i'll get it done lol. i swear i'm online all the time but not always very productive. ok well more later..ng … [Read more...]