right now i'm watching days of our lives & waiting on my mom and dad to bring me a new kitchen table. mine that i have right now is their round "card" table...its a bit wobbly and everytime sam hops on it i cringe and worry it will hit the floor ...long story short my mom is giving me this table she was using for her computer desk. and she is bringing me a shelf that she had in her sitting room to put in my laundry room. my yardsale went well! i was going to have one this weekend here at my house, but my mom and dad have to go out of town, so i'll prob just wait till next weekend if the weather is good. david had to gallivant off to his dads for some reason unknown to me. oh well. whatevs. i have the most intense craving for fudge...don't know why.. it is driving me nuts though!! yesterday i delt with a flooding house all day because of my washer! the hose wasn't on right and ...oyy what fun was had by all lol. my mom and dad were supposed to have done been here and … [Read more...]


when it rains, it pours

today it was a nasty gray day, so other than washing some dishes, doing a load of laundry and going tanning I didn't do much. i actually read through alot of my old journal entries on myspace. that was about it. i also want to do one of those ask me questions blogs since i cannot get into formspring. so ask away. if your question isn't about something negative about jason/david ask away.( i will answer questions about jason and david just dont be pissy about it :) my neck is still killing me.and my sleep has took a turn into non existant not only because of my insomina that always gets worse this time of year, but because of said neck. it literally hurts any way i lay. ugh!! like right now davids asleep, i've already gave up and gotten back up! david (and my dad) company has decided to do some kind of voluntary layoff process thing so that if they do get laid off they won't have to wait as long as they would have to on the unemployment. its complicated. and annoying and … [Read more...]


I pulled a muscle in my neck about 2:30 a/m this morning. i was laying facing left and went to turn right and BAM it happened. it made the most sickening sound when it happened. it sounds just like in the movies when they twist someones head.ick. there wasnt much i could do for it at 3 a.m and not much i can do for it now. my mom came over and popped it, but it has already set up sore so boo. advil. heat packs and warm showers is all i got ! I have to say though it isn't as bad as the time i pulled those ribs out. at least i can breath!!the oddest thing is that i can lay on the side that hurts but i cant lay on the opposite side! i was trying to take a nap but of course noone wants me till i get asleep! i was hoping i'd get some rest because sunday night i didn't sleep well because my tummy was mad, and then i didnt sleep good last night because of this. maybe i'll have more luck later this evening! i need to try to wash the dishes and go through another bag of summer … [Read more...]


I feel like death on a cracker today! ughhh!! I'm also making the french beef stew, and i'm chomping at the bit to eat it! i might have to have a bite of it before david gets home!it smells so good... it is also a nasty gray day out ughh..I am getting some of the pics from my android phone (Motorola Cliq)put up on flickr finally! I couldn't really find an App that I liked, but i finally found one called picup that is working the way I want :) so check them out! I love the new layout if i do say so myself! i just happened to run accross it the other night soooo YAYYY. I also put my dandyid thing back up.i want to edit some pages and things but eh..we'll see. well i'm gonna go try to comment some of you if i can, and i'll try to make some better post latter on! … [Read more...]

jacob? no thanks!!!

not much is going on with me. lol i guess thats mostly always the case with me, but I try to come up with some things to blog about none the less! i got my twilight 3 disc movie from target today. was very disappointed to get a JACOB film cell. if you buy yours at target,and get the film cell..if you get something other than jacob & don't mind sharing your address with me (DM on twitter, email me) and would like to trade please let me know. if i don't find someone to trade i think i'll burn mine lol. I have decided not to blog about certain aspects of my personal life anymore.i don't know how long it will last.i really don't like censoring myself on my own site, but sometimes its for the best. mostly because people who don't need to read these things can always find them, and even though they are PW protected, sometimes they still show up. things are...o.k. i suppose for the most part. and thats really all i want to say about it for now. \this bacterial funky whatever is … [Read more...]

missing pics,tidying,etc

you know i have several pics of sam/and the snow and a few random pics where i was trying to do 365 that i never put up. oyyy. maybe i'll eventually get around to it!! i have been trying to tidy up the house (you wouldn't belive that i have not put everything up from when we moved yet lol) plus i think i have some sort of bacterial infection. i know its not really allergies because i'm taking my allergy meds, and they are working wonders. i just still have some sort of funk. my humidifier helps alot though! i am trying to do the wii fit at least 30 minutes every day. trying to clean out for my yardsale. etc. i really haven't been online..alot of times david has the blackberry and then with other things..it just hasnt been panning out. i did make it around to visit & comment though :) more latter ng … [Read more...]