I am in a major tizzy at this moment. nothing will make me want to lay in the bed more than to find out the news I just found out from David. I texted him earlier to tell him he got some mail from the unemployment people (ie, his check from last week) well come to find out, he not only didn't get paid for the time he was off because well, he was off, and supposed to get paid from unemployment..well he doesn't get to keep that money either! They keep telling him he didn't get paid the last time he started the unemployment and i'm here to tell you they are full of so much shit I think they should choke. There has never been any point where david didn't either get paid from his job or unemployment...because let me put it bluntly we wouldn't have made it through. Like right now? we have rent, both our insurances and the power bill due. We clearly are in a pickle and I have NO IDEA how we are gonna be able to make it. Here I was begging for like 5 bucks /whatever for text and … [Read more...]

Wedding Memories :)

this post was originally written as a sponsred post. someone contacted me to write about a wedding site & insert a keyword. I wrote this up and then was told basically that they "changed their minds", because they didn't think that this would fit on my site! It is about Me & David, and guess what my site is about? ME first and foremost. Instead of letting the post go to waste, I decided to to take out the key words /name of site I was writing for and put it up  anyways! Many of you know I met David in January 2007, got engaged in Feb. 2007 and got married in June 2007 ! So needless to say I planned my wedding in a HURRY! I actually had very little to do with the actual planning, as I was working 5 days a week for 10 hours or more a day. I picked my preacher (my great uncle) My location (grandparents) and I already had my dress before I even met him! (Thrift shop= 17 bucks!|) I had my mom to do the rest! I was also under lots of stress with trying to get things packed, find a … [Read more...]

dark hole :(

The past couple of days I have felt like I am in a Dark Hole, and that I can't seem to crawl out of it at all. I honestly don't know what the deal is. So if you don't see me blog alot or tweet alot don't be alarmed. I don't like to drag the rest of the world down with me if I can help it. I am trying to get things caught up as usual. HA. I don't think I will ever  totally be caught up! I know that as far as reviewing goes I'm THROUGH with requesting things until the new year unless something totally awesome comes my way. I only have one review for this site and a couple for grits-reviews and i'm winding things down for the time being. I am going to throw this out there for anyone who might be interested. I am behind on a bill (oopsies) and I need a couple $$$ so I am going to bring back banner ads for this site. Also paid text links. $35 will buy you a sidebar banner from now-may and $15 a text link. for more details/info etc please email //ends whoring of … [Read more...]

New Goodies @ EdenFantasys!

When I write about EdenFantasys on this site, I try my best to concentrate on the non sex toy related part of the site. This time around, they made it extra easy for me, because they just added 3 new categories of goodies! They include bath products, club wear, and Makeup! You will probably laugh at me, but the part that excited me the most was the Club Wear section. It isn't because your dear little nichole is out clubbing, but because I NEED new clothes! Seriously I spent most of last week prowling kohls, goodwill and even family dollar for clothes to wear for the holiday! I can seriously see myself wearing several of the new line of shirts, like the simple sexy top for general purposes.I really like that a few the shirts are LONG and they don't look like you have to be the size of a stick for them to fit decently around your tummy area as well. You might not realize how annoying it can be now a days to find a shirt with those qualities! I know some of them are low cut, but … [Read more...]

i’m around :D

*waves* So I didn't end up going away for Thanksgiving ..Nope. My mom kept changing what time her and my dad were going to leave on wed. morning. Started out at 10 a/m then 8/am then 5 a/m and I was like no thank you! I don't know if i've ever mentioned it before but if i'm traveling between like 4-7 a/m i'm sick as a dog to my stomach. They knew this , but apparently just didn't care. :( So after I spent all day Tuesday cleaning the house and getting things together..Yeah, it kind of sucked. I considered a few times just going on our own on wed or thurs but the gas would have just been out of control to have to buy :( Wed we went to see Twilight Breaking Dawn pt 1..Thursday we went and ate at golden corral and yesterday we went to my moms so I could pick up a few things that my grandma sent to me including a ton of steak/chicken and hb meat! I really haven't been on much the last few days since david has been home.. it just doesn't work out for me to try to do something … [Read more...]

things to do b4 trip

This is probably my last post before I leave for the holidays! I will be leaving sometime tomorrow,and I won't be back till sometime on Thursday evening...I will have extremely limited internet will suck on that level lol. Anyways, lets see what's been going on with me? Saturday I went to my parents as usual, we had a really big cubed steak lunch/ was nice! Then I got this novel idea to try to go to kohls to find something to wear for my trip/thanksgiving. HA. It was a nightmare. I tried on more than my share of Jeans and sweatpants and nothing worked out! I even went to target and looked around..nothing! I am seriously considering getting that zumba game for the wii and work on it and some wii fit! Nothing really to speak of went on through the weekend..sunday I was SO freaking sick with a cold.. I had to take zicam and sleep most of the day. I was like um..did I just not get over a cold? it sucked! thankfully I only had to take one dose of zicam. I take the … [Read more...]