Review: Corkcicle (Neat way to get your wine cool!)

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If you have been reading my site for any length of time, you know that wine and alcohol are two of my favorite indulgences! (Even though, I have gave up on the amount that I do drink, for the most part lately!) I still really enjoy them, I just moderate how much that I drink! Recently I got the chance to try out a nifty little wine accessory gadget called the Corkcicle! I was pretty excited when I got the chance, because of my a fore mentioned love of wine and everything associated (glasses and gadgets included). The corkcicle is a nifty little gadget that you can freeze and put down into your wine bottle to help it stay cold while you are drinking your wine! I am not the type of person to keep wine on hand ...I am a run out to the store buy a bottle bring it home and drink. The only time I ever have wine on hand is if I buy the big bottle of red like if I have a kidney infection or something like that, and i'm bad to just sit it in the pantry instead of trying to wedge it into … [Read more...]

memorial day catch up day!

Hi! How is everyone's memorial day going? mine is ok.. not really a lot going on! we went over to my mom  and dads this morning and had lunch..I got my hair done and that was pretty much it! I have been working to get all of my paid posts & various reviews many as possible is my goal today! Right now I still have 1 review and a giveaway to get up but I don't know if I will manage to that today or not..I figure that it is very likely because while i'm on a roll I might as well go with it, because who knows when the mood will strike me again! I also have 3 reviews in the Q at grits..but I think i might hold off on those as well! Tomorrow is the only day that david works between now and next wed! Of course we will be heading to reviewers retreat on sunday-tuesday but goodness that is a long time lol. It's all good though! Right now it is so cloudy out but according to all the weather I can find we aren't expecting any rain .. I am really hopeful to get the … [Read more...]

Post Honey Bunches of Oats Review

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Many of you may know that I am a VERY picky eater. From the things I am deathly allergic to (peanuts) Religious reasons as a child/young adult (Pork) and simply things that I just don't eat (Cheese) just to name a few there aren't that many things that I DO eat and makes for fun with trying to find different things to eat sometimes. I have always been lucky in the fact at least when it comes to cereal, that most cereal has almonds or pecans in it. I have only found one cereal that had peanuts, and thankfully I figured it out before I actually ate it (Actually mom figured it out and called me in a panic telling me NOT to even attempt to eat it lol) A cereal that I have always liked has been Honey Bunches of Oats...Even though again I am an odd ball in the fact that I don't drink milk, and I do NOT put it in my cereal. David loves loves love cereal and he was beyond excited for me to get the chance to get some Honey bunches of oats for him to enjoy!I got a box of the … [Read more...]

AMF Bowling: Summer time deals!

Something that I can actually get out of the house and enjoy doing is bowling! I actually haven't been but a couple of times, but I really do like to go!  The sad thing is I don't remember the last time I actually went. I admit, from time to time i'll just say "well, lets just play on the wii" lol. However, I recently found out about AMF's summer time deals and I must say I am pretty excited and hope to go bowling in the near future!*hint hint to the hubs if he reads this post lol* The first program they have is Summer Unplugged (Free Bowling for Kids) which is for kids 15 and under. The offer includes 2 free games of bowling a day until 8 p.m. The only thing to be paid for is shoe rental! The process is really simple to sign up simply go to, pick a location (250 to choose from) and fill out a simple registration form. In turn you will be emailed free coupons every week during the promotion period which is from May 14- Sept 03 (Labor day!) They … [Read more...]

50 shades of Grey & EdenFantasys

I am not going to sit here and lie to you all!  One of the main reasons that I haven't been updating so much here the last week or so is because I have been absorbed in 50 shades of grey! Yes, the "dirty" series that is all the rage right now... I am begging that people understand that I didn't get obsessive with the hunger games or twilight or anything, so give me a little credit! Not only have I read the entire triology one time already, I am currently working on reading it over again! Also, I have made a board on my pinterest called "laters baby" and got my mom to make me a christian gray tie necklace! that sure was a fun one to explain! I was browsing at EdenFantasys and discovered that they have a little section on there dedicated to 50 shades of grey! I was pretty excited about it! Not only do they include sex toys but they also include a few massage items and other goodies that are appropriate with things that are mentioned in the book! i received a gift card from … [Read more...]

lets clean! the house, the site..

Hey! I was thinking I would take a few minutes and write up a "regular" post since I hadn't in a while. I am trying to use the netbook today, and frankly after using my laptop for the last few weeks (I call the netbook the computer that betrayed me lol) it is driving me nuts! There are no bookmarks, history,plugins, etc! Ugh! Anyways, I have a review to get up and a giveaway (remember that review I did for bigfish games) and a few other misc. posts.. The only problem is i'm in a tear the house apart and clean out junk mood! lol I have been hunting for themes all morning for the site as well. found 2 but they didn't really pan out. I am also planning to move MOST of the blogroll to the exits page..if you're one of my absolute besties you'll still be on the side bar though! speaking of the side bar and some of the recent posts I don't know why stuff is showing up in italics again! I must have forgot to close a tag on a post and goodness only knows which one! David has to take … [Read more...]