how long is this day?

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Hey Everyone! Well today has been one of those days that has just DRAGGED ON FOREVER! I swear by 1:00 it felt like it should be 5 or something so right now it feels like I should be going to bed lol. I hate these days the worst of all! David isn't getting to come home for lunch this week because he is training someone + he is going in early in the mornings and working wonky hours in the evenings too! I never know if he'll be off at 5, 5:30 or 6- and then there is always a chance he might have to stay even longer than that! I totally am not knocking overtime though.. because goodness knows we are going to need that to catch up on our car payment, car insurance and the sprint bill (which isn't as important but yeah) Last night we went up to the pool around 8:30 and there was NO ONE up there. I totally wish I had wore a bathing suit but I hadn't but I did enjoy just putting my feet in! We are planning to go back up there this evening but it is looking stormy, but according to the … [Read more...]

House is a no go- and stuff is tight- but it will work out!

Hey Everyone! Well this week has kinda been one of those I' d rather be doing anything besides being on the computer weeks.. So I have kinda went with it and had tons of fun vegging out watching tv and doing random domestic-ish stuff!  I do kind of feel overwhelmed with reviews a tiny bit at one point because it seemed like they all came at one time and actually had due dates and I didn't realize it beforehand (actually I got approved for 2 things after I got denied  so they were kind of surprises !) Anyways, I hope to be back on track in the next week we finally found out a straight answer about getting a house. The short story of it is my mom and dad (or some one) would have to buy it in their name and then we would pay on it. They are fine with this but the trouble enlies in coming up with 20% down. Sure they have equity but I know they don't want to tie their house in with it for the fact they would have to pay PMI again and that jacks up their house payment.. .. my mom is … [Read more...]

Annoying would be one word for it!

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Hey Everyone Well the post I wrote yesterday was short as could be no? I swear yesterday never did really get better!  I thought things were perking up after a nap but quickly launched in to horrible womens issues- I won't get into it so much of the details but .. pain and what not .. OY! I have taken several doses of advil and have managed to make it through the pain and such the best I can.. at least things have calmed down for the most part and I just feel drained - but then this time of the year what is new there! At least I am functioning today so YAY! I am so fed up with this house buying thing --it is driving me nuts!  like I said I had pretty well given up and then we got told to call lending tree and blah blah and then this house we had liked went back on the market and we were getting a bit hopeful but now lending tree is trying to say my card is declined and that they won't process the payment and do whatever they were going to do to help with getting some things off … [Read more...]

Tuesday 10- Summer Bucket List


Things I want to do this summer? sure let me lay it on ya'll lol 1. Mountain Trip to Boone & Parkway- Def. going to happen at some point- I don't know the last time we did get to go 2. Go to my Grandmas for a few days- this one will readily be taken care of by the end of this month because of Fathers day and our Anniversary- but I would like to maybe take a time and go when EVERYONE isn't going to be there. 3. Spend some time at the Pool /On the Patio just taking it easy. Seriously- I just want a CHILL summer and not one where I never get a minute to myself 4. READ MORE- I finished all of the pretty little liars books, so I need to maybe find something to hold my interest which is a little harder now that I am older- I don't like "new" books lol 5. Start playing Hay Day Again- one of my favorite mindless sorts of things to do.. I was really into it again back earlier in the year- I like doing it when I don't feel like doing anything else lol 6. Find some local … [Read more...]

Review: Shaklee Basic H2 Cleaner

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I met an awesome blogger last year at a tiny blogging meetup of gals named Stephanie who blogs at Gathered in the Kitchen, and I REALLY liked her. I had hoped we could connect more and recently we have both met up at another blogging event as well. I saw a few weeks back that she was looking for a few folks to to help her out with a review and I was more than happy to offer to help! Stephanie is not only a blogger, but she also is a Shaklee Consultant and she was looking for some folks to review the Shaklee Basic H2 Cleaner! I was pretty  interested  because of me and my asthma issues! One of the things that can trigger an Asthma attack for me is  when there are harsh chemicals used to clean (even though some folks like David you just aren't going to convince that it will clean if it isn't overpowering with the smell factor!) so I was like SURE why not. She came by one Friday morning after she dropped her little girl off at school and I of course chatted her ear off :) I … [Read more...]

put it simple:I feel like death on a cracker

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Hey Everyone! This is kind of a quick post while I am waiting for David to come home for lunch, and before I go crash in the bed for a big chunk of the day. Last night before I went to bed I felt kinda meh, but I didn't think a lot of it.. until I woke up at 2 or so and felt like death on a cracker! I spent a good portion of the night in the bathroom and seriously considered falling asleep in the floor at many points. .. I think it is a combination of heat and some female times + maybe just not getting enough rest that did me in. We had went to bed late to start with and so by the time David got up at 6 for work I probably had 2 hrs of sleep!  I tried to sleep this morning but UGH... I know I had wrote that we were trying to see about getting a place of our own , but I had pretty well give up because of some really snooty real estate and credit people. David called lending tree and we are having them adjust some things on his credit and if we can get it up about 60 points then we … [Read more...]